Ma An Shan
Ma An Shan, China
Andily Investment Group USA, LLC

320-acre master plan including 5.5 million-sf of age restricted housing of all types, 2 million-sf of medical complex, 200,000-sf business hotel with 200 rooms, 300,000-sf of retail and support facilities.


This project is a unique conceptual master plan for an innovative Senior Living community located in Putang Town, Ma An Shan, adjacent to Nanjing, China. The project’s design approach is intended to address requirements and concerns related to the rapidly growing aging community in China.

Specific to this particular community is the comprehensive model used to provide building options for healthcare education, a hospital and supporting medical facilities, healthcare employee housing, various need-based senior housing choices, recreation, and retail. Our goal is to enhance amenity and service features that will alleviate all pressures facing an aging society. Seniors are confronted with complex challenges that differ from those of younger generations, therefore, requiring diligent and expert support. Participating in the evolutionary process inherit to senior living design gives us the opportunity to assist future senior populations. Success of this community will surely benefit the elderly, as well as the local community, by creating jobs, education, relationships, and support.

The environmental vision is to strategically incorporate building structures and landscape designs to capture the essence of the property’s natural elements. Ma An Shan is famous for beautiful views, topography and water amenities, all of which significantly influence the project’s design.

Ma An Shan WDG Architecture China
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