After 40 Years, A Fond Farewell to Jeff Morris

After an illustrious career spanning 40 years, WDG is announcing Managing Principal Jeffrey Morris, AIA, retired at the end of September of this year. Congratulations to our esteemed colleague and friend, and we wish him all the best in his retirement.

In May of 1983, Jeff became WDG’s 22nd employee, setting the stage for a remarkable legacy. At that time, WDG, then known as Weihe, Black, Jeffries, Strassman & Dove, was "45 years young,” as Jeff says, positioned as one of the leading office building architects in Washington, DC.

Jeff worked on hundreds of projects during his time at WDG, including Techworld, a massive 2-building, mixed-use office project completed in 1989—WDG's first foray into CADD. Some of his notable older projects include Tysons Dulles Plaza, Commerce Executive Center, 3883 Connecticut Avenue NW, The Whitney/Bethesda Theatre renovation, IMF HQ2, Stafford Place II, American Center, 1919 M Street NW renovation, 1999 K Street NW, The Tower Building renovation, IONA Senior Services Isabella Breckinridge Center, and the 2101 L Street NW renovation.

His more recent projects include Midtown Center, Hyatt Place National Mall/DC Fire Engine Co. 13, The Kiley, 2100 Penn, Monarch (Arbor Row Block D), 670/680 Maine (The Wharf Parcels 6 & 7), and Urby (The Yards Parcel H), which highlighted Jeff's ability to manage multiple complex projects. His invaluable leadership and dedication to success were evident in every project.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Jeff's storytelling prowess became legendary within WDG. While he tried to come across as a tough guy, those who knew him understood he was a teddy bear at heart. His encyclopedic memory was a treasure trove of information, allowing him to regale us with esoteric details about WDG’s history, projects, clients, and colleagues. He made every story a journey through the firm's rich history, showcasing both his technical knowledge and his passion for the firm and the profession.

Jeff's impact extends beyond the office walls, and as he transitions into retirement, we reflect on his role as a mentor and guide, both professionally and personally. Jeff played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of hundreds of young architects across the DMV. “His opinions and perspectives encouraged us to consider multiple angles in our decision-making,” said Sean Stadler, FAIA, Managing Principal. “As WDG moves forward without Jeff in the office, we embrace the importance of seeking diverse opinions and guidance—a principle he championed throughout his tenure.”

On behalf of the entire WDG family, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Jeff for his years of dedicated service, mentorship, and countless stories. His impact has been immeasurable, and his legacy will continue to inspire us.