Our Design-Build Experience Makes Us a Proven Partner

WDG has broad experience working with institutional and government clients within a design-build methodology, creating structures and spaces that reflect an institution’s culture, express its mission, and maximize the productivity of its occupants.

WDG believes that the best design-build projects are realized through an integrative, team-based “whole-building” approach. The benefits of such an approach include encouraging collaboration between the designer and contractor to develop innovative techniques, and industry-sharing of knowledge regarding constructability and the level of detail required to build a project. WDG is experienced in working with the contractor as a trusted partner, often proceeding on the design and construction phases of a project concurrently to expedite delivery.

WDG’s understanding of the design-build process elevates each project. Our experience helps streamline contract and project management, improve accountability, and strengthen communication. Because we work in tandem with the contractor, the contractor’s changes can be incorporated into the design phase, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming revisions during construction. This benefit allows the team to estimate project costs early in the project development process, thus contributing to more effective budget planning.

The design-build process encourages the architect and builder to transcend their traditional roles. When an optimal balance is achieved, the result is a collaboration that enables clients to maximize budgets, reduce schedules, and achieve their vision.

Selected Experience

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