We Belive Sustainability Should be a Driving Force

Through our call to action, our commitment and leadership has led project teams to exceed sustainable design goals and expectations, always resulting in enhanced energy savings that equate to savings in operating costs

Noteworthy is our ability to assemble and orchestrate teams that excel in sustainable design. We leverage our long-term relationships with regional experts including civil, landscape, and MEP engineers; local and regional material suppliers and technical representatives; energy modelers, commissioning agents, and sustainable building consultants. Also, we participate on regional building industry committees on sustainable design. Consequently, a streamlined and effective approach has emerged within our practice.

Exposures to new tools of the trade that inform our designs provide new opportunities to optimize the performance of our buildings. For example, integrating our Building Information Models early in the design process with Energy Models provide new insights into the performance characteristics of our buildings, allowing us to recognize minor adjustments that can create cumulative major impacts. Our techniques have evolved with technology to optimize value for our clients.

Building upon our success, we have continued to push the limits setting new benchmarks within our practice, even as LEED scoring has become more stringent along with energy codes and standards. We are inspired by the growing acceptance of sustainable thinking and the momentum that has been building in the last decade. We look forward to contributing to the innovation that continues to fuel this movement.

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