101 Center
Arlington, TX
Catalyst Urban Development
In Progress

3.5-Acres, 310,054-sf, 5-story residential building over 1 level of retail with 244 apartments and 701 parking spaces.


Located in proximity to Arlington’s “Restaurant Row,” the Levitt Pavilion outdoor venue, and the University of Texas at Arlington campus, the 101 Center is in the heart of Downtown Arlington. This urban, mixed-use complex is a pedestrian-oriented residential development designed around a live-work-play concept, promoting a walkable and socially-sustainable environment. The property will have 244 residential units in various housing categories and approximately 18,00-sf of retail and restaurant space at street level. The project is being completed in partnership with the City of Arlington and will also include a public/private parking garage.

The building’s architecture is themed in a transitional style. It employs contemporary design concepts in unison with traditional aesthetics to create a timeless design, appealing to current and future generations. Ten different balcony treatments and varied layers of materials create a diverse urban village with unique facades from every angle. Additionally, the building is set back from the street to allow for outdoor seating at the restaurants and retail level. This connection provides residents with the social interactions on the street, creating a cohesive urban fabric that supports the community and walkable environments.

The development is anticipated to complete construction in 2017, around the same time as the new public library, city council chambers, and public plaza, collectively forming Arlington's City Center.

Arlington City Center Corner Arlington City Center Side
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