465 New York Avenue
Washington, DC
Completed 2009

12-story, 85,555-sf apartment building with 87 units. 31,663-sf of underground parking for 40 cars.


The Historic District of Mt. Vernon Square is a successful mix of new and old with developments.  Our design supports this trend and will serve as a gateway to the New York Avenue corridor.  This development also has the unique opportunity to showcases a prominent historic structure.  By relocating the historic building to the West side of the site, we were able to transition the heights from the historic townhomes along New York Avenue to 130 feet, to be the same height as the new Yale West building.

The building consists of two distinguishable masses.  The larger mass has its façade oriented parallel to New York Avenue and a glass connector that is set back from the property line and aligned to the axis of L Street.  This move allows the relocated historic building to stand prominently on its own and be appreciated for its historic nature.  The building is designed as a contemporary expression with references to historic proportions, textures, materials and rhythms.

The façade that fronts New York Avenue includes projected bays.  The glass connector is fenestrated to be reminiscent of steel windows from historic industrial buildings of the 1920’s.  This glass box is set back from the building line to give precedence to the historic building and to reduce the impact of the garage entry. 

While our design was intended for multifamily, it has been easily converted to a hotel use for the new land owner, and has won approval by the Historic Preservation Review Board.

465 New York Avenue WDG Washington DC 465 New York Avenue WDG Washington DC 465 New York Avenue WDG Washington DC
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