City Crescent
Baltimore, MD
City Crescent LLC

350,000-sf office building that met specific GSA requirements and the Baltimore Architectural Review Board.  Recieved an American Institute of Architects/Washington Chapter Merit Award for Excellence in Architecture.


City Crescent’s design was inspired by the historic character of its Baltimore neighborhood, which features a remarkable array of nineteenth-century buildings, formerly housing textile plants, sewing shops, and factories. These buildings are characterized by masonry construction with large expanses of glass, pressed metal decoration, and expressed structural connections. Applying a comparably high level of detail, City Crescent’s design employs compatible materials, a range of polychromatic masonry and precast concrete, with highly textured painted ceramic polymer panels offering decorative relief.

The project overcomes unique design challenges. The primary façade facing Baltimore Avenue is separated from vehicular access by light rail tracks. Redwood Street directly intersects the mid-point of the building from the east. These potential design deficiencies are transformed into amenities with the inclusion of a continuous two level pedestrian arcade paralleling the tracks along Baltimore Avenue, and an east -west tunnel extending Redwood west to the tracks, highlighted by a two-story archway.  At the intersection of arcade and tunnel is placed a light rail station. The level of detail within this pedestrian realm is remarkable, featuring a series of cable suspended custom down and up-lights, rhythmic projecting bays, ornate metal work above and decorative paving below.

The project, located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor development area, required the approval of its architectural review board. As the first new project in this old industrial zone, the board sought a distinguished design that would set the character and design standard for future development. In addition, these goals had to be balanced against economic factors, its viability dependent upon being awarded a cost sensitive GSA lease.  The building was occupied by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District, Secret Service and Small Business Administration.  Exhaustive cost/benefit evaluations of all materials and building systems allowed both design and budgetary goals to be realized.

The project has received numerous awards, including The American Institute of Architects/Washington Chapter Merit Award for Excellence in Architecture.

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