Dam Sen Park
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
GP Invest
Plan Completed 2010
Architecture, Planning

Located in the largest city in Vietnam, this urban development in Ho Chi Minh City includes five buildings-Buildings A, B, C, D and E-with retail, and office space programs, and over 1000 residential units. The development covers 40% of the lot, which has a total construction area of 142,050 m2 (1.5 million gsf).


Buildings A & B. These two 23-25-story buildings have a total of ± 325 units. The first floor includes retail space, which totals ± 3,800 m2 (± 40,000 gsf); office space, which totals ± 9,500 m2 (± 100,000 gsf), occupies the second through fourth floors.

Buildings C & D. These two 17-21-story buildings have a total of ± 330 units.

Building E. This 27-story building has ± 225 units.

Unit Sizes. The unit options for these five residential towers include 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and penthouse plans. The 2-bedroom plans have a total of ± 90 m2 to ± 105 m2 (± 950 nsf to ± 1,100 nsf); the 3-bedroom plans have a total of ± 130 m2 (± 1,375 nsf); and the penthouse plans have a total of ± 150 m2 to ± 250 m2 (± 1,575 nsf to ± 2,650 nsf).

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