Department of Transportation (DoT)
Washington, DC

900,000-sf interior architecture pocket renovations throughout facility. Scope includes interior architecture, strategic and space planning, and construction document services.


Provided comprehensive Interior Architecture services to the US Department of Transportation in support of an incremental remodel of their recently occupied headquarters space. The assignment was challenging due to the unique nature of designing and fitting-out interior space within GSA’s lease construction approach. The needs of the US Department of Transportation were often relegated in the complex network of contractual and financial obligations.

Support of DOT in Lease Construction Process. WDG was retained to resolve and realign the in-progress fit-out with evolving departmental needs and space requirements. We assisted DOT in providing ‘gap’ analysis between what was planned, design, and built, to what was actually required. WDG was successful in filling the gaps between the several participants in the process; GSA, interiors architect, building owner, base building architect. The WDG team found opportunities to reduce costs by salvaging completed build-out, adjusting work in progress, and modifying documents prior to construction.

Services Provided. Space Planning and Phasing Services, Project Budget/Cost Estimates, Construction Coordination and Administration, Drawing Reviews and Quality Assurance, Site Survey and Conditions Assessment, Construction/Permit Documents, Space Acceptance Walk-Through, As-Built Documentation

Modification of In-Progress Interior Construction. DOT engaged WDG to help implement their new requirements, develop new layouts, and redesign many areas to support their changing requirements. WDG modified existing areas for many floors and was able to provide DOT with programming, planning, design, documentation and services during construction, all within DOT’s very aggressive schedule demands and complex sequencing requirements. Many of the renovations were implemented while spaces were still in construction from the previous design, or fully occupied, and therefore a careful phasing and implementation strategy was crucial to its success. The WDG team was able coordinate the needs of the users and fit out with the current build-out.

Scope of the Modifications. WDG assisted DOT in significant portions of build-out. WDG assisted DOT in making modifications and renovations to several floors and wings of general office areas. Significant modifications were also made to joint use spaces including; office of the secretary, data center, SCIF areas, computer rooms, conference and training suite, command center, and control room.

Renovation of the command center required the modification of rooms and spaces, which had high levels of security and sensitivity. Modifications to the office of the secretary included renovation of equipment and storage rooms, conference rooms, and teleconferencing suites, and executive dining areas. The executive dining area also included ‘shelter in place’ considerations and features.

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