Georgian Towers
Silver Spring, MD
Stellar Management

Interiors Renovation to 16-story apartment building for the units, common areas including fitness facility and roof-top pool.


After some structural and plumbing issues of this 30 year old high-rise residential apartment came to light, Stellar Management contacted WDG for a solution that would remedy such concerns and also rejuvenate the public spaces of this outdated building. Given the already existing features of the 16-story building — a rooftop terrace with bathroom, shower room, and sauna, along with lounge and business spaces — WDG’s renovation was inspired by the apartment’s resort-like amenities. Accordingly, the interior designers sought to create a high-end spa look and feel, taking hints from Mediterranean architecture and from a coastal lifestyle. They accomplished this by keeping any obstructions to natural light sources minimal; for instance, to make the rooftop bathrooms airier, the designers replaced portions of a solid wall with a wall tiled with cubes of warped glass. In addition, the interior designers carried on the look and feel by focusing on the finishes: stucco textures, polished wood, mosaic tile, and pebble tile flooring conjure up feelings of a coastal resort. The natural, crisp, and minimal interior design of the Georgian Towers creates a truly relaxing and pleasurable environment.

WDG Georgian Towers Silver Spring WDG Georgian Towers Silver Spring WDG Georgian Towers Silver Spring WDG Georgian Towers Silver Spring
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