Tysons, VA
JLB Partners, LP
June 2016
Pending LEED
Architecture, Planning, Interiors

14-story and 6-story (wood frame type 3A) multifamily buildings with 425 residential units in approximately 428,871-sf. Three levels of below grade parking accommodate 595 parking spaces. Targeting LEED Silver.


Haden is part of a 23 million-sf mixed-use development in Tysons and is comprised of two separate residential buildings.

At 14-stories high, Haden Tower, the larger of the two buildings, is designed for the empty nester with hints of the 60s and 70s. The ± 246,000-sf building houses 222 units in a high-rise concrete-structured building located on the northeast portion of the site.

The goal for Haden Tower was to create a lobby that represents the entrance of a single-family home. The design team was able to achieve this by creating a simple, clean space with warm colors and textures that are welcoming to residents. Aligned directly across from the lobby entrance are a set of glass doors. Embedded with fabric ribbons, this area houses the leasing office. The fabric is a warm red and brown pattern resembling the vintage era. The unique design of the glass doors makes it the focal point of the room. A marble and wood veneer desk sits to the right of the entrance. Directly behind this is a floating wall with a large back lit crushed glass panel that separates the lobby room from the resident’s mail room. Adjacent to the front desk is a small intimate seating area available for residents or guests. The lower ceilings feature three large chandeliers creating an inviting and elegant entrance. Additional amenities include a resort-style pool and a roof-top fire pit with cozy seating areas with impressive views of Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Haden Flats is a ± 221,000-sf, 6-story, 203-unit wood-frame over a concrete podium building. The podium level includes residential units and some additional parking. Haden Flats includes amenity spaces and pool, located on the podium roof structure.  Haden Flats reflects the same high-quality construction as its neighboring high-rise. Unusual to wood framed construction, the facade utilizes a combination of materials to reinforce the massing and quality of the building, including expansive glazing. Entrances to both buildings face one another creating a challenge for the design team when it came to making each its own unique residence. Sticking to a contemporary hotel design for Haden Flats differentiated it from the vintage era of Haden Tower.

Upon entering the building, residents are greeted by the spectacular 2-story main lobby reflective of an upscale hotel. Above the reception desk is a large orange and brown backlit glass panel. These warm shades bring a hint of color to the bright room making it the lobby’s focal point. Located to the right, are two large sitting areas with an L-shaped sofa and lounge tables, and in the center is a circular banquette sofa. There are six large floor-to-ceiling unique wood columns with backlit onyx panels incorporated on the face creating a specific, more intimate sense of place. The abundant amount of meeting spaces encourages gathering. To the left of the front desk is a business/conference center separated from the main lobby by floor to ceiling glass windows and doors. The leasing office and a 1,500-sf gym are both located on the first floor adjacent to the lobby.

Exiting the main lobby, residents are greeted by a large courtyard. This space is centrally located with multiple intimate areas for groups to relax and socialize. A sixth floor terrace is located in the southwest corner of the building providing a place of solitude for residents and views of neighboring parks.

Both Haden Tower and Flats are pursuing LEED Silver certification.

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