Hotel Zilker
Austin, TX
Fine Line Diversified Development
Not Built

A 4-story, 60,000-sf 98-key hotel concept, including a 4,249-sf restaurant and 11,290-sf full service spa.


A 4-story, 98-key boutique hotel concept, designed to be positioned along the edge of an expansive and picturesque park setting. The grounds would serve as a hub for many recreational outdoor activities, including city festivals.

Connectivity to nature is the driving force behind the design, blurring the boundaries of indoor-outdoor living style with open breezeways and slatted wood screening. The warm palette, neutral materiality and glass façades build upon the tranquility of the neighboring park. The fluidity of the folded copper shingles creates visual movement to the structure.

This sustainable and locally authentic hotel would offer an 11,290-sf full service spa and 4,249-sf gourmet restaurant. The courtyard would be used as the main gathering space, while smaller serene areas would offer a variety of settings. Streams of running water throughout the hotel’s landscape promote a sense of relaxation. A trail connecting the hotel to the park would offer convenient access to the scenic environment. The simplistic design of the Hotel reflects the balance and harmony of its natural surroundings.

Zilker Hotel Zilker Hotel Zilker Hotel
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