Ma Lang Hsg
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Three residential towers with 900 dwelling units, ground level retail, and residential amenities including rooftop swimming pools, childcare, and club/game rooms.


Ma Lang is a tight urban site, so to achieve economy of scale WDG designed three T-shaped high-rise towers, each 31 stories.  Each tower is separated by 10 to 15 meters to achieve variety, maximize openness for light and air circulation, and to avoid creating a continuous building wall. The towers are mirrored and skewed to conform to the irregular site and create a picturesque variety along the street, which overcomes the repetitive nature of three identical buildings.

Striking panels in bright red, orange and yellow give each tower its own identity. The tower base contrasts the regularity of the high-rise towers. Sweeping concave forms shape public plazas and define retail activity and individual vehicular drop-off for the residential towers. 

The units are designed using a “Kit of Parts” approach with a minimal number of standard unit types with a standardized kitchen and bathroom design. Every living room is positioned to have long expansive views.

WDG Ma Lang Hsg Vietnam WDG Ma Lang Hsg Vietnam WDG Ma Lang Hsg Vietnam
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