McWilliams Ballard
Alexandria, VA
McWilliams Ballard

Design of 5,000-sf new administrative offices.


As one of the region’s authorities on multi-family residential trends, McWilliams Ballard looked to use their new headquarters location to support and bolster their brand image and to encourage energetic client and staff interactions within the space. The space is small and modern with a tight functional layout that includes a prominent conference room, waiting area, and clean work stations flanked by two partner offices that are frequented by visitors. This purposeful layout encourages the circulation of clients among the carefully designed spaces, which embodies the firm’s philosophies and business strategies, including its commitment to excellence in design. Additionally, the abundant use of glass and the simple, light color scheme convey an elegant, modern, and informed sense of style.

McWilliams Ballard instructed WDG to limit demolition and new construction wherever possible, while creating a new environment that responds to their unique program of requirements, developed together with WDG.

This new office contains an even mix of 10 private offices and 10 open offices and also provides support functions, such as conferencing, kitchen, filing, and storage. WDG provided interior architecture and design services, selecting and documenting the finishes, materials, furniture, and lighting.

McWilliams Ballard WDG Interiors McWilliams Ballard WDG Interiors McWilliams Ballard WDG Interiors
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