Pompano Creek
Pompano, FL
Century Capital Resources LLC / Pompano Creek Associates

350 independent living units and 65 assisted living units in 5-7 story buildings.  Residents enjoy park and waterfront views on upper level floors. Amenities include rooftop pool, fitness center, doctor’s offices, fine dining and over 35,000 sf of common areas.


Pompano Creek is a beautiful planned community nestled into a surrounding lake and adjacent park, resembling a South Florida resort hotel well-situated to the beach. The 350-unit independent/assisted living residential development for seniors is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. The 710,000-square-foot resort-like community will accommodate residents of 55 years and older, and will include 65 assisted living units as well as community spaces, multiple dining venues, a wellness center and spa with a pool, and a number of other services.

A development of Pompano Creek Associates, the new community will be located approximately one mile west of Hillsborough Beach along the Atlantic Coast.  Pompano Creek will replace a 52-year-old mobile home park on the site.  The nine-acre property is located along Federal Highway (U.S. 1) just east of North Broward Park, in the city of Pompano Beach, and across the street from the city of Lighthouse Point to the east.

“The market is quite strong for high-end, service-oriented communities that focus on wellness and serve an older population in South Florida,” notes Frederick B. Hammann, AIA, principal-in-charge.  “Pompano Creek will offer homes and many services for seniors, including an on-site physician.” 

Plans call for a mid-rise development with clusters of five- to seven-story buildings within a resort-hotel-like garden setting.  Upper-level units will offer views that extend to the beach.

Pompano Creek WDG Architecture Pompano Creek WDG Architecture Pompano Creek WDG Architecture
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