Spring Hill Station
Tysons, VA
The Georgelas Group
Plan Completed 2011
Architecture, Planning
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32 acre mixed-use master plan providing for 7.5 million square feet of uses, including 2 to 3.5 million-sf of office space, 2.1 to 5.1 million-sf of multifamily residential, over 180,000-gsf of ground level retail and as much as 770,000-gsf of hospitality uses.


As Tysons undergoes its metamorphosis from suburban chaos to exciting urban center, Spring Hill Station re-imagines the character and feel of a transit-oriented development community. Its design supports a walkable and sustainable community with a cognizance of the vehicular traffic that defines today’s Tysons and nearby Virginia suburbs. Based on the Comprehensive Plan, the grid of streets was tweaked to enhance function and activity.

Located at the intersection of two major avenues, the Metro station anchors the site and faces the tallest frontage. Density and building height abate as the site approaches inner streets, first at 1/8 mile from the Spring Hill Station Metro and again at 1/4 mile; residential and hospitality buildings enjoy the relative tranquility of secondary and tertiary streets. A pedestrian-only promenade transects the avenues and provides seamless connection to the Metro station. The design celebrates the activity and movement generated by public transit, setting a precedent for surrounding public green spaces. Ground-level retail is found throughout the site, distributing activity and encouraging circulation.

Pedestrian-friendly design is achieved through space planning and programming. Wide distances between buildings alleviate their imposition on the pedestrian experience. The promenade is lined with green space and retail. Highly programmed with active and passive spaces, public "sky parks," found between outer-ring office buildings, are easily accessible via direct elevators. Located atop above-grade parking, the "sky parks" simultaneously accommodate vehicular traffic and the pedestrian experience.

Spring Hill Station is the first such rezoning project approved by Fairfax County and is the official demonstration project for the Tysons Comprehensive Plan. Through its realization of sleek design across vibrant pedestrian spaces, it builds a foundation for the new modern character of Tysons.

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