The Latrobe Apartments
Washington, DC
Completed 2018

Renovation of a 175-unit, high-rise residential building and model unit.


Built in 1980, the Latrobe hosts 175 units located between the eclectic community of Dupont Circleand Logan Circle. The neighborhood’s cosmopolitan lifestyle offers amenities for endless allure and ceaseless excitement. The renovation of Latrobe’s main exterior, entrance, and interiors modernize the client’s prime property in Washington DC and tailors to newer generation of clientele.

The modernization of the Port Cochere was an essential task for this project. Due to the existing footprint constraints, we had to stay within the available parameters. The length of the new facade is enhanced by horizontal expression of the glass. With the use of spandrel panels and clear glass, we provide an engaging visual connectivity with the street. The Port Cochere enhances the entrance experience for the tenants serving as the first impression to their home. The use of LED lighting highlights the entrance to the complex, and provides a feeling of safety. Elongated light poles were also added along the driveway to emphasize the length and the street presence of the building to the passer by.

A challenging linear, narrow and shallow lobby with limited square footage was transformed into an open, active area fo welcoming residents and guests. The mailroom was relocated within the lobby to allow for a more inviting circulation while still meeting the US Postal Service mailbox and package requirements.

Since the client wanted a more efficient leasing space to address their lean leasing process, a cozy resident lounge now opens to the main lobby inviting residents to enjoy the view of an intimate courtyard. The project was approached in a cost-effective manner to achieve the most impact. Striking wall treatment, patterns and color contrast work together to emphasize the eccentric feel of the space.

A similar approach was used for the design of the tenant corridors. The new design maintains the existing light fixture location, but with more energy efficient light fixtures — accompanied by a bold carpet pattern and rich contrasting paint colors.

The Latrobe Apartments The Latrobe Apartments The Latrobe Apartments The Latrobe Apartments The Latrobe Apartments The Latrobe Apartments
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