Victory Park - The Terrace and The Vista
Dallas, TX
Fairfield Residential, LLC
Completed 2006

As part of a major mixed use development, two 7-story residential buildings with 224-units,
45,000-sf of retail and below grade parking. Type 1A construction.


Pedestrian centered, located near a light rail station and close to downtown, Victory Park is a great example of urbanist principles in an area that is better known for suburban sprawl. This vibrant street front urban design aims to capture the feeling of renowned shopping districts; its goal is to create a “city within a city.”

A confluence of residential, retail, hospitality, entertainment, sporting events and culture define this 75-acre neighborhood that is bordered by a major vehicular artery and commuter rail station. WDG designed the first two residential buildings on the pedestrian “main street”, which created an axis connecting the park with the nearby American Airlines Center. Our role as collaborator and facilitator has, once again, helped to produce a contextually appropriate, sustainable development in a major metropolitan area.

Victory Park - The Terrace and the Vista Terrace and Vista Terrace and Vista Victory Park - The Terrace and the Vista Victory Park Terrace and Vista
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