Whitney at Bethesda Theatre
Bethesda, MD
Completed 2002
Architecture, Interiors

11-story high-rise with 204 units; 4-story low-rise with 39 units; 2 story townhomes with 9 units.


This project was a catalyst for the urban revitalization of the surrounding community. It began with the restoration of a neighborhood icon, the historic art deco-era Bethesda Theatre. To showcase this important landmark, the high-rise apartment building was set back from the street and echoes some of the deco-style detail in its design. Fronting a major vehicular and pedestrian spine on one side and a quiet, residential neighborhood on the other necessitated a transition in scale; the project steps down towards the back and a landscaped plaza and walkway connect the two areas.

The various building types attract a diversity of people to the area, from affluent urban singles to empty nesters and families. Low-rise apartments and townhouses enhance the existing residential neighborhood by replacing an unattractive parking lot, and an underground garage was built to accommodate residents and visitors.  True to the era, the interior includes art deco and 40’s cosmopolitan touches. Classic styling, rich wood tones, and plush furniture characterize and fill the public spaces.

WDG Whitney at Bethesda Theatre
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